Project 54: #15 Directive Axiom – Repetition

So the other day I was running errands and I was running low on energy. I decided to grab a cup of coffee from Starbucks. After that I continued on with my day, as I was biking around I started seeing more and more Starbucks Cafes. This lead me to think about how Starbucks rules the coffee market in the United States. Could it because of how much it replicates itself in a condensed area? Also the Axiom of if something is repeated, it will be noticed… 

I thought of this old Simpsons Episode. 



Screen shots courtesy of Google images and Flickr


I began to think about tide, and how its so overly repeated in the shelfs of grocery stores. Then I thought what if tide had its own store? Also what if the store became as popular as Starbucks that you would see it twice during a stroll through a mall. 

I drew up this illustration with inspiration from an architects mall rendition. 


One thought on “Project 54: #15 Directive Axiom – Repetition

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